As part of the activities, the project will facilitate the establishment of schemes for mobilisation of diaspora financial remittances into community-level socio-economic development projects. IOM will partner with three local authorities who are keen to engage with the diaspora community and leverage diaspora financial remittances into prioritised community-level socio-economic development projects.

  • Upon selection the local authority and IOM will facilitate six ward community based participatory planning (CBP) processes (two in each local authority) to prioritize local development projects;
  • Selected local authorities are expected to mobilise complementary diaspora financial resources towards implementation of two local development projects (as prioritised through the CBP dialogue process), such projects may include rehabilitation of infrastructure such as schools, health facilities and other community infrastructure or income generating projects;
  • IOM will provide a grant per community for the implementation of the prioritised project in each ward, with the local authority-diaspora community partnership expected to provide complementary funding.

Submission of applications:

  • Interested local authorities are to submit an expression of interest to IOM by Friday 21 September 2018.
  • The expression of interest should demonstrate how the local authority proposes to engage with the diaspora community ensuring active participation and contribution of the diaspora community.
  • expressions of interest are to the submitted to:

The Procurement Assistant  

IOM Zimbabwe

Number 4 Duthie Road,

Alexandra Park,



Or electronically to

Closing deadline for submission of expression of interest is Friday 21 September 2018