Temporary Return of Qualified Professionals to Zimbabwe 

Over the past two decades, Zimbabwe experienced high levels of migration, particularly of health and other skilled professionals. The loss of trained and experienced professionals remains of growing concern. The flight of qualified health professionals to the diaspora, which reached unprecedented levels, has negatively impacted on the delivery of health services and the training of health professionals. It is however worth noting that the Zimbabwean diaspora, which if harnessed through skills transfer, can be of immense benefit to various sectors of the Zimbabwean economy.

The Temporary Return of Qualified Professionals to Zimbabwe (TRQPZ) initiative is being implemented within the context of the Promoting Migration Governance in Zimbabwe (PMGZ) Project which is funded by the European Union in Zimbabwe.The PMGZ project seeks to establish and improve platforms for dialogue and schemes through which the Zimbabwean diaspora nationals can contribute towards decision making and national development.

IOM will facilitate the temporary short-term returns of qualifying professionals in the education and health sectors from across the globe to teach and exchange their expertise at local tertiary education and health care institutions. Based on its long experience in the Return of Qualified African Nationals (RQAN), notably through the  “Migration for Development in Africa” (MIDA), IOM will collaborate with the University of Zimbabwe’s College of Health Sciences and other relevant stakeholders in the implementation of a skills transfer initiative which will allow Zimbabwe to realize the benefits from the investment it has made in its nationals and ultimately to achieve the country’s development goals.

The program aims to leverage existing diaspora dialogue and engagement schemes in order to amplify the participation of the Zimbabwean diaspora in national development processes. The program will benefit the Ministries Health and Education through a skills transfer mechanism for voluntary short-term sequenced returns of health and tertiary education professionals.

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