Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Expected of Me During My Time in Zimbabwe?

  • You will spend a period of up to four weeks in Zimbabwe. Longer periods of stay can be arranged on a case-by-case basis.
  • You will either be attached to hospitals to treat patients, conduct joint medical procedures with local personnel, provide administrative advice, perform laboratory tests or provide lectures at the UZ-CHS, the NUST Faculty of Medicine or facilitate virtual learning in Zimbabwe.
  • Assignments will be on a voluntary basis only.

Who Qualifies to Participate?

  • Zimbabwean health professionals working and living outside the country,
  • Medical personnel registered or registrable through the relevant professional councils in Zimbabwe. Should it be necessary, IOM will coordinate with the relevant Ministry to facilitate the registration of qualifying health professionals with the respective health professional councils in Zimbabwe,
  • Professionals with legal residence status and/or work permit in the host country. This will enable IOM and the health institutions to facilitate multiple entries into and out of the destination country and Zimbabwe for repeated visits,
  • Professionals who can devote up to four weeks of service provision,
  • Professionals with relevant training in the health sector and at least three years’ experience,
  • Former lecturers at the UZ-CHS, National University of Science and Technology (NUST) or other medical training institutions.

What Does IOM Offer?

  • Participants to the programme are considered volunteers. Their status in the host country should allow for return after completing the assignment.
  • IOM offers logistical and financial support that will enable the professionals to fulfill their assignments while on placement. IOM support comprises of:
  • Provision of air traveling expenses to and from Zimbabwe,
  • A basic living allowance while on placement,
  • Provision of transport to and from station of assignment (if outside Harare) and
  • Liaise with the relevant medical councils to facilitate temporary professional registration certificates (if required).